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Laser Analytics Group

Dr Ioanna  Mela

Dr Ioanna Mela has been awarded funding from the National Biofilm Innovation Centre, 3rd Proof of Concept Call, to investigate the potential of DNA nanostructures against oral biofilms.

The NBIC has funded 14 projects in this round, from 12 different institutions, with six of the projects having an “engineering” theme. The aim of Dr Mela’s project is to explore the potential of DNA nanostructures as drug delivery vehicles that can penetrate and disrupt biofilms. In this eight-month long project, the focus will be on P.gingivalis, a bacterium that exists in highly complex dental plaque biofilms, and is responsible for gum disease. If successful, the project can potentially lead to the commercialisation a new therapeutic.

“I am grateful for the funding and very excited to explore the potential of DNA nanostructures against biofilms”, said Ioanna. “It is a question I was keen to answer since I started working with DNA nanostructures that target bacteria and this short project will let me take the first steps towards this goal”.