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PhD Graduates

  • Dr Laurence Young (completed 2016): "Imaging Protein Aggregation"
  • Dr Weiyue Chen (completed 2016): "Fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy for quantitative biological imaging"
  • Dr Aleks Chmielewski (completed 2015): "Development of light sheet fluorescence microscopy for applications in embryonic studies"
  • Dr Jing Yan (completed 2014): "Microfluidic sensor platforms to investigate mechanisms of protein aggregation"
  • Dr Christian Steuwe (completed 2013): "Surface enhanced CARS microscopy on plasmonic substrates"
  • Dr Ssegawa-Ssekintu Kiwanuka (completed 2013): "Supercontinuum radiation for ultra-high sensitivity liquid phase sensing"
  • Dr Fiona Chan (completed 2013): "Biophysics of protein misfolding and aggregation"
  • Dr Rosalynne Watt(completed 2009)
  • Dr Robin Chrystie(completed 2009)
  • Dr Georg Hartung (completed 2008): "Laser diagnostic investigations of flame turbulence interactions under lean-premixed conditions"
  • Dr Xiaowen Dai (completed 2008)
  • Dr Alan Elder (completed 2008)
  • Dr Iain Burns (completed 2006): "A sensor for combustion thermometry based on blue diode lasers"
  • Dr Alex Domin (completed 2006): "Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer Analysis in Living Cells"
  • Dr Sara Gashi (completed 2006): "Investigation of Flame Front Behaviour in Turbulent Pre-mixed Combustion Systems"
  • Dr Babatunde Ayoola (completed 2005): "Laser-based measurement of heat release rate and temperature in turbulent premixed flames"

 Former Post-Doctoral Researchers

Former Visiting Researchers

Former MPhil students

Former Project students