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Marcus completes his PhD!

last modified May 07, 2019 01:35 PM
Congratulations to Marcus Fantham who passed his PhD viva February the 26th and is already set to continue his career at Oxford Nanoimaging (ONI).
Marcus completes his PhD!

Marcus showing off his freshly awarded PhD hat. A tradition in the Laser Analytics group, the hat contains jokes and references to Marcus' time in the group.

After a viva with internal examiner Dr. Kevin O'Holleran and external examiner Dr. Ricardo Henriques from University College London, Marcus passed his PhD thesis examination with minor corrections.

Marcus has done lots of work on a range of different projects during his time as a PhD student in Laser Analytics Group. This includes an extensive study into reconstruction of SIM (Structured Illumination Microscopy) images and developing an ImageJ/FIJI plugin called LAG SIM. He has also looked into the dynamics of the endoplasmic reticulum (see co-authored paper below) and programmed software for multiple microscope setups in the Laser Analytics lab. Finally, Marcus has developed his own program for 3D visualisation of microscopy image stacks, which has been named FPBioimage, available as a standalone application and also as a ImageJ/FIJI plugin. 

Having accepted a job offer at Oxford Nanoimaging, Marcus will continue the work on imaging software, specifically on cloud services and browser-based visualisation. 

Here is a selection of Marcus' publications that were published during his PhD. For the full list see his Google Scholar page. Laser Analytics is grateful for his hard work, which will surely keep being used in the group and will help inspire new projects. Well done and best of luck in what's next!


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David Holcman, Pierre Parutto, Joseph E Chambers, Marcus Fantham, Laurence J Young, Stefan J Marciniak, Clemens F Kaminski, David Ron, Edward Avezov, "Single particle trajectories reveal active endoplasmic reticulum luminal flow", Nature Cell Biology (2018), DOI