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Laser Analytics Group

Eric J Rees' farewell dinner at Robinson College

We had a group dinner to congratulate Dr. Eric J Rees on his future job, good luck Eric!

Eric was a fantastic mentor and group leader in the Quantitative Imaging Group, as part of the Laser Analytics Group for many years, during which he developed a number of analytical techniques to extract useful quantitative data from biological imaging.

Eric is very knowledgeable in super-resolution microscopy, statistics (he is a Bayesian himself), corrosion, image analysis, and philosophy. His seminars were highly attended by members of the department and people across the university. His lectures and seminars were recorded and uploaded to his Youtube channel, so that everyone can have access to the useful content.

Eric is very keen on disseminating knowledge, and he works hard to make difficult or obscure content accessible to any audience. His online content will surely continue to flourish for many years. 

To read more about Eric's research career in the Department of Chemical Engineering, follow this link.

Best of luck on your next adventure Eric!