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Hult, J; Watt, RS; Kaminski, CF, "Dispersion measurement in optical fibers using supercontinuum pulses", JOURNAL OF LIGHTWAVE TECHNOLOGY 25:820-824(2007), DOI:10.1109/JLT.2006.890422 |pdf summary


The chromatic dispersion of an optical fiber is measured using a time-of-flight technique, based on temporally and spectrally resolving a dispersed broadband pulse, on which a spectral fringe pattern has been imposed using an etalon. The technique employs broadband supercontinuum radiation, generated by launching picosecond pulses from a fiber laser into a photoniccrystal fiber. It allows the dispersion of highly dispersive optical fibers and components to be measured with a high spectral resolution over a wide wavelength region. The technique is demonstrated by measuring the dispersion of a dispersion-compensating module over its entire 400-nm transmission band with a subnanometer spectral resolution.