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Kaminski, CF; Hughes, IG; Lloyd, GM; Ewart, P, "Thermometry of an oxy-acetylene flame using multiplex degenerate four-wave mixing of C-2", APPLIED PHYSICS B-LASERS AND OPTICS 62:39-44(1996), DOI:10.1007/BF01081245, | pdf


Thermometry of an oxy-acetylene flame using multiplex Degenerate Four-Wave Mixing (DFWM) of C2 is demonstrated. More than 100 rotational transitions in the (0, 0) Swan band of C2 could be recorded simultaneously by use of a pulsed, broad bandwidth "modeless" laser. Temperatures were inferred by fitting temperature-dependent synthetic spectra of single- or multiple-shot averaged spectra. The strength and reliability of recorded signals together with the large number of rotational lines observed suggest that multiplex DFWM is a promising technique for minor species detection and for temporally resolved temperature measurements in luminous environments. Factors influencing the accuracy and precision of single-shot thermometry using the technique are discussed.