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Quantitative Kinetic Analysis in a Microfluidic Device Using Frequency-Domain Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging

Matthews, SM; Elder, AD; Yunus, K; Kaminski, CF; Brennan, CM; Fisher, AC, "Quantitative kinetic analysis in a microfluidic device using frequency-domain fluorescence lifetime imaging", ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 79:4101-4109(2007), DOI:10.1021/ac070045j, |pdf 


A novel microfluidic approach for the quantification of reaction kinetics is presented. A three-dimensional finite difference numerical simulation was developed in order to extract quantitative kinetic information from fluorescence lifetime imaging experimental data. This approach was first utilized for the study of a fluorescence quenching reaction within a microchannel; the lifetime of a fluorophore was used to map the diffusion of a quencher across the microchannel. The approach was then applied to a more complex chemical reaction between a fluorescent amine and an acid chloride, via numerical simulation the bimolecular rate constant for this reaction was obtained.