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Hult, J; Burns, IS; Kaminski, CF, "Measurements of the indium hyperfine structure in an atmospheric-pressure flame by use of diode-laser-induced fluorescence", OPTICS LETTERS 29:827-829(2004), DOI:10.1364/OL.29.000827, | pdf


We report on what we believe is the first demonstration of laser-induced f luorescence (LIF) in f lames by use of diode lasers. Indium atoms seeded into an atmospheric-pressure f lame at trace concentrations are excited by a blue GaN laser operating near 410 nm. The laser is mounted in an external-cavity configuration, and the hyperfine spectrum of the 52P1/2 ! 62S1/2 transition is captured at high resolution in single-wavelength sweeps lasting less than one tenth of a second. The research demonstrates the potential of diode-based LIF for practical diagnostics of high-temperature reactive f lows.