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Application of a high-repetition-rate laser diagnostic system for single-cycle-resolved imaging in internal combustion engines

Hult, J; Richter, M; Nygren, J; Alden, M; Hultqvist, A; Christensen, M; Johansson, B, "A high speed laser spectroscopic imaging system for cycle resolved imaging and three-dimensional imaging in IC engines", APPLIED OPTICS 41:5002-5014 (2002), DOI:10.1364/AO.41.005002, | pdf


High-repetition-rate laser-induced fluorescence measurements of fuel and OH concentrations in internal combustion engines are demonstrated. Series of as many as eight fluorescence images, with a temporal resolution ranging from 10 s to 1 ms, are acquired within one engine cycle. A multiple-laser system in combination with a multiple-CCD camera is used for cycle-resolved imaging in spark-ignition, directinjection stratified-charge, and homogeneous-charge compression-ignition engines. The recorded data reveal unique information on cycle-to-cycle variations in fuel transport and combustion. Moreover, the imaging system in combination with a scanning mirror is used to perform instantaneous threedimensional fuel-concentration measurements.