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Most read article in Journal of Optics

last modified Feb 21, 2014 09:00 AM
A recent paper from the Laser Analytics group on single molecule localisation microscopy is the most highly downloaded article in the Journal of Optics, achieving more than 1000 downloads over the past 6 months

The paper 'Elements of Image Processing in Localization Microscopy' by Rees et al has achieved more than 1000 downloads in the past 6 month making it the currently most highly read article in the Journal of Optics.   The paper has furthermore been selected by the journal as one of its highlight articles for the year 2013.  In the paper methods are presented for obtaining optical superresolution information from single molecule localisation data and processing techniques that avoid imaging artifacts. 

Congratulations to Eric, Miklos, and Gabi who were key to driving this work forward!