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Group members elected as postdoctoral fellows of Robinson and Churchill Colleges

last modified Jan 16, 2014 10:39 AM
Congratulations to Claire Michel, Romain Laine, and Weiwei Cai for being elected into competitive postdoctoral fellowships at Robinson and Churchill Colleges, respectively

Claire is a biologist working on cell and organism models to study molecular mechanisms of amyloid propagation during neurodegeneration.  She has recently made the news with her finding that tiny quantitities of the neurotoxic protein tau propagates between cells rather like prions do. Her study was recently published in Journal of Biological Chemistry and is listed among the most read/downloaded papers in recent months.

Romain is a physicist developing super-resolution microscopy methods for the study of virus particle self assembly. Curiously, both Claire and Romain are of French origin, and fittingly have made their way into Robinson College, renowned as being the one with the best food among the Cambridge Colleges!

Weiwei is a physicist pioneering ultra-fast tomography using frequency-agile lasers for flame diagnostics.  His recent invention of frequency agile absorption tomography was just published in Applied Physics Letters.  He won a prestigious EU Marie Curie Fellowship to support his stay with us.