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Perret S, Poudel C, Ghosh AN, Fanjoux G, Provino L, Taunay T, Monteville A, Landais D, Kaminski CF, Dudley JM, Sylvestre T. "Silica-based photonic crystal fiber for the generation of broad band UV radiation" OSA Continuum, (2020) 3:1 p31-42 (2020)


We report a small-core UV-grade silica multimode photonic crystal fiber for nonlinear frequency conversion in the ultraviolet spectral region. The fiber has been fabricated using F110 UV-Grade glass from Heraeus, which features excellent transmission and low solarization in the UV window. Pumping the fiber core at 355 nm with picosecond laser pulses, we observe the appearance of parametric sidebands in several spatial modes up to 380 nm. We modelled this process using intermodal phase-matching conditions and obtained excellent agreement between calculations and the measured data. We further report frequency conversion pumping into the fiber microstructured cladding where broadband cascaded Raman scattering spanning up to 391 nm is observed. These results represent a significant step towards the efficient and stable generation of UV supercontinuum spectra in an all-silica fiber platform.