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Pang C, Li J, Tang M, Wang J, Mela I, Ströhl F, Hecker L, Shen W, Liu Q, Liu X, Wang Y, Zhang H, Xu M, Zhang X, Liu X, Yang Q & Kaminski CF"On-Chip Super-Resolution Imaging with Fluorescent Polymer Films"Adv. Funct. Mater. 201929, 1900126
DOI: 10.1002/adfm.201900126   |  pdf


Wide field-of-view (FOV), label-free, super-resolution imaging is demonstrated using a specially designed waveguide chip that can illuminate a sample with multicolor evanescent waves travelling along different directions. The method is enabled by a polymer fluorescent film that emits over a broad wavelength range. Its polygonal geometry ensures coverage over all illumination directions, enabling high-fidelity image reconstruction while minimizing distortion and image blurring. By frequency shifting and iterative stitching of different spatial frequencies in Fourier space, the reconstruction of 2D samples is achieved without distortion over wide FOVs. The fabrication process is facile and compatible with conventional semiconductor-fabrication methods. The super-resolution chip (SRC) can thus be produced with high yield, offering opportunities for potential conjunction of super-resolution techniques integrated optical circuits or for the development of single-use diagnostic kits.