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Sporting success for Laser Analyticist Florian Ströhl

last modified Mar 10, 2017 11:01 AM
Sporting success for Laser Analyticist Florian Ströhl

Picture taken by Pedro Vallejo-Ramirez

Last weekend the handball varsity ​match took place ​between the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford​ ​at the University Sports Centre​,​ just across​ the​ road ​from the new department​ of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology​. 

The light blues, led by our own Florian Ströhl from the Laser Analytics group, dominated the match from the beginning and proved to be the stronger team in the end. 

Over a comfortable half-time score of 17-10, Cambridge beat Oxford in a hands-down victory with 38-26 and retained the varsity trophy in Cambridge. After a long celebration with LAG spectators, Florian, with a total of 11 goals, was later selected ​"​most valuable player​"​ by the Oxford team. 

​Florian is a 3rd year PhD student in the laser group and is currently working on the development of imaging techniques for the study of single molecule protein translation, and has published prolifically already on both theoretical and experimental topics of microscopy. Well done Florian!