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Laser Analytics Group


Imagery of living cells from super-resolution microscopy features in video art piece


'Breaking Boundaries' Soundtrack and Projections- Passion for Knowledge, Festival San Sebastian from Diana Scarborough on Vimeo.


Research from Laurie Young of the Laser Analytics Group forms part of "Breaking Boundaries", a new artwork produced by Cambridge-based artists Diana Scarborough and Melissa Murray which was recently performed at the opening ceremony of the Passion for Knowledge 2016 festival in San Sebastian [1]. The video art piece is an interpretation of phenomena occurring in the nano world and uses imagery produced from super-resolution microscopy images of the endoplasmic reticulum, lysosome vesicles and protein aggregates forming in living cells.

The collaboration between Laurie and Diana begun as part of an interdisciplinary exchange between the often divergent worlds of art and science. The Nano^Art project [2] brought together groups of established local artists and emerging scientists to engage in a series of lab and studio interchanges to explore questions on perception, scale, transformation and self-assembly.