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Laser Analytics Group



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The Laser Analytics Group is in the process of moving to brand new laboratories in the Department of Chemical Engineering's new building on the West Cambridge Site of the University. The lab features state-of-the-art laminar flow climate control and vibration isolation equipment and will be situated in immediate adjacency to the laboratories of the Molecular Neuroscience group.  In combination, this will permit world leading research to be performed to unravel molecular mechanisms of disease, bringing physicists and biologists together in a dedicated new space with world leading research infrastructure.

The image shows our brand new air-floating optical tables which will enhance our capability of recording images at optical superresolution.  Before we are back in business again we have to complete the small task of rebuilding our custom built microscopy platforms, some of which had taken years to develop and put into operation.  The laboratory features all optical techniques of use for live cell biology research including structured illumination, STED, STORM, correlative light and AFM microscopy, selective plane illumination microscopy, fluorescence lifetime imaging, multiphoton microscopy, etc.  

Heroic members of the group have been extraordinarily busy dismantling, cleaning, wrapping, packing, shifting and stacking tons of equipment. The pictures give an impression of their gargantuan efforts. 

Exciting times, and a major boost to our research capability!