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New Paper and Video on SIM Processing

last modified Feb 17, 2015 09:44 PM
Watch Florian Ströhl, PhD student in the Laser Analytics group, talk about his latest research in which he outlines the advantages of a new deconvolution algorithm he developed, to analyse multi-spot Structured Illumination Microscopy (mSIM) data.

Florian is a first year PhD student in the group, having obtained his M.Sc. in Optical Engineering at the FAU University in Erlangen, Germany. His algorithm has been published in the most recent issue of Methods in Applied Fluorescence. The algorithm treats the problem like a widefield imaging technique and is more efficient and less prone to artefacts than conventional algorithms that treat mSIM like a parallelised version of confocal microscopy.

Florian is currently focusing on novel algorithms to improve the speed and resolution of optical nanoscopy techniques, in particular variants of structured illumination microscopy.

Video Abstract