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Nathan Curry passes his viva!

Nathan Curry successfully passed his PhD viva examination and will continue his career as a Post-Doctoral researcher at Imperial College, London.

Congratulations to Nathan Curry for passing his PhD viva on February 14th! Nathan's research was focused on the design and implementation of a stimulated emission depletion (STED) microscope to tackle applications in neurodegeneration research. Nathan also worked to implement correlative STED and atomic force microscopy (AFM) studies to study the cytoskeletal structure and membrane properties of astrocytes. In addition to this, Nathan was also a teaching fellow for the EPSRC Sensor CDT during the 2016-2017 academic year. Nathan will continue his career as a Post-doctoral researcher in Chris Dunsby's group at Imperial College London. 

These are the publications Nathan was involved in during his time in the group  - thank you for all your hard work! Best of luck in your future career! 


Curry N, Ghézali G, Kaminski Schierle G, Rouach N, Kaminski CF, "Correlative STED and atomic force microscopy on live astrocytes reveals plasticity of cytoskeletal structure and membrane physical properties during polarized migration"Front. Cell. Neurosci. (2017), 11:104. DOI | pdf | summary


Mahou P, Curry N, Pinotsi D, Kaminski-Schierle GS, Kaminski CF, "Stimulated emission depletion microscopy to study amyloid fibril formation"SPIE NanoScience+ Engineering, VIII, 93310U. DOI |  pdf summary