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Laser Analytics Group

Florian Ströhl passes his viva!

Congratulations to Florian Ströhl who passed his PhD viva on Monday, 28 January.

Congratulations to Florian Strohl for passing his viva! Florian's research involved both the development of software and hardware for structured illumination microscopy, and the application of Single Molecule Translation Imaging (SMTI) in retinal neuron development for xenopus embryos, among many other projects and contributions to the Laser Analytics Group. 

Florian will continue his career as a Post-doctoral researcher in the Dementia Research Institute (DRI), at the University of Cambridge.  

These are the publications Florian was involved in during his time in the group - truly outstanding work, well done Florian!


Ströhl F, Wong HHW, Holt CE, Kaminski CF, "Total internal reflection fluorescence anisotropy imaging microscopy: setup, calibration, and data processing for protein polymerization measurements in living cells"Methods Appl. Fluoresc. 6 (2018), 014004. PDF


Wong HH-W, Lin J Q, Ströhl F, Roque CG, Cioni J-M, Cagnetta R, Turner-Bridger B, Laine R F, Harris WH, Kaminski CF, Holt CE (2017). "RNA Docking and Local Translation Regulate Site-Specific Axon Remodeling In Vivo" Neuron 95 (4) 852-868. PDF

Ströhl F and Kaminski CF (2017). "Speed limits of structured illumination microscopy". Opt. Lett. (2017) 42(13), 2511-2514. PDF

Ströhl F, Lin JQ, Laine RF, Wong HH, Urbančič V, Cagnetta R, Holt CE, Kaminski CF, "Single Molecule Translation Imaging Visualizes the Dynamics of Local β-Actin Synthesis in Retinal Axons"Sci. Rep. (2017), 7, 709. PDF

Chen WY, Young LJ, Lu M, Zaccone A, Ströhl F, Yu N, Kaminski Schierle GS,  Kaminski CF, "Fluorescence self-quenching from reporter dyes informs on the structural properties of amyloid clusters formed in vitro and in cells"Nano Lett. (2017), 17(1), 143-149. PDF


Ströhl F, Kaminski CF, "Frontiers in structured illumination microscopy"Optica (2016), 3(6), 667-677. PDF

Young LJ, Ströhl F, Kaminski CF "A guide to structured illumination TIRF microscopy at high speed with multiple colors", JOVE (2016), (111), e53988. PDF


Stroehl F, Kaminski CF, "A Joint Richardson-Lucy Deconvolution Algorithm for the Reconstruction of Multifocal Structured Illumination Microscopy Data"Methods Appl. Fluoresc. (2015), 3 (1): 014002. PDF