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Dr Laurie Young

Laurie Young passes PhD viva with flying colours

Congratulations to Laurie Young who passed his PhD viva today with flying colours! Laurie spent half of his PhD building a world-class optical super resolution microscope that permits sub-wavelength resolution imaging at video rate speeds and the other half applying the microscope in research to understand the physics of templated seeding reactions of amyloid proteins, the processes that cause toxic protein deposits to be formed in the brains of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's patients.

His external examiner, Prof. Mezzenga, said after the viva: "I am very impressed how Laurie succeeded both in setting up state-of-the-art microscopy technology and to perform top notch biophysical research - both efforts were of the highest quality."

Here you see Laurie branding his new Dr hat, designed by fellow Laser Analyticists Lisa Hecker and Nadya Nespovitaya, featuring elements that came to define Laurie's PhD life: Bicycles, Greek islands, art, laser goggles, and aspirin to keep scientifically sober. 

Laurie has been poached by a young start up company, keen to steal his talents for commercial success - we wish him luck and happiness.

Many congratulations from all of us - Laurie will be dearly missed.