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2010, Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students Abroad (500 out of all graduate Chinese students abroad annually)

2013, EU International Incoming Marie Curie Fellowship (~20 engineering fellows annually)

2013, Churchill College Postdoctoral By-Fellowship (9 out of 76 Cambridge postdocs)

2014, Masao Horiba Honorable Mention Award (4th out of 29 applicants, most of whom are PI's)


Key publications: 

Journal publications (20+)

Cai W(蔡伟伟), Kaminski CF, "A tomographic technique for the simultaneous imaging of temperature, chemical species, and pressure in reactive flows using absorption spectroscopy with frequency-agile lasers" Applied Physics Letters, 104(3), pp. 034101, (2014). DOI | pdf | summary

Cai W(蔡伟伟), Kaminski CF, "Multiplexed absorption tomography with calibration-free wavelength modulation spectroscopy" Applied Physics Letters, 104(15), 154106, (2014). DOI pdf | summary

Xu L, Liu C, Zheng D, Cao Z, Cai W(蔡伟伟), "Digital Signal Processor-Based High-Precision On-Line Voigt Lineshape Fitting for Direct Absorption Spectroscopy", Review of Scientific Instrument, .85(12), 123108, (2014).

Cai W(蔡伟伟), Kaminski CF, "A numerical investigation of high resolution multispectral absorption tomography for flow thermometry", Applied Physics B, 29-35, (2015).

C. Liu, L. Xu, J. Chen, Z. Cao, Y. Lin, W. Cai(蔡伟伟), "Development of a fan-beam TDLAS-based tomographic sensor for rapid imaging of temperature and gas concentration", Optics Express, 22494-22511, (2015).

Recent talks:

Weiwei Cai, Theory of Nonlinear Tomography and Its Guidance for Developing Imaging Techniques as Applied to Flow Diagnostics , LACSEA, Seattle, July 2014, Invited

Weiwei Cai, Theory of Nonlinear Tomography and Its Applications for Combustion Diagnostics, Masao Horiba Award Ceremony, Kyoto University, October 2014, Invited

Weiwei Cai, Nonlinear Tomography: A New Imaging Concept for Industiral Applications, University of Edinburgh, June 2015Invited

EU Marie Curie Fellow
Churchill College Postdoctoral By-Fellow
Ultrafast absorption spectroscopy and spectral tomography using coherent supercontinuum radiation
Dr Weiwei  Cai
Not available for consultancy


Person keywords: 
Optical sensing