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Dr Eric John Rees

Dr Eric John Rees

University Lecturer

Head of Quantitative Imaging Group

Super-resolution imaging


  • 2005 MSci in Physics, University of Cambridge
  • 2009 PhD in Materials Science, University of Cambridge
  • 2009-2013 Research Associate, Laser Analytics group
  • 2013 University Lecturer, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

I have recently been appointed as a University Lecturer at CEB, having previously worked for three years as a post-doc with the Laser Analytics group. I continue to pursue research interests involving the theory and experimental practice of original imaging techniques, particularly in super-resolution microscopy. We collaborate on several applied research projects that utilise these techniques, for example in virus imaging, or video-rate screening of protein-drug interactions. I am also interested in the application of our advanced microscopy techniques to the study of synthetic materials as well as biological and biomedical subjects.


  • Optical sensing
  • Microscopy
  • Bioimaging


  • Lifetime and Spectral Imaging
  • Localisation Microscope
  • Video Anisotropy Imaging

Key Publications

Rees et al. Blind assessment of localisation microscope image resolution. Optical Nanoscopy 2012 1:12.

Rees et al. Elements of image processing in localisation microscopy. Journal of Optics 2013 (accepted)

Erdelyi, Rees, et al. Correcting chromatic offset in multicolor superresolution localization microscopy. 2013  Optics Express