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Laser Analytics Group



PhD in Chemistry from Durham University

MSci Joint honours in Biology and Physics from Durham University


Key publications: 

[1] Chung CW, Stephens AD, Konno T, Ward EN, Avezov E, Kaminski CF, Ali A. Hassanali AA, and Kaminski Schierle GS. Intracellular Aβ42 Aggregation Leads to Cellular Thermogenesis"J. Am. Chem. Soc. 144(22), 10034–10041 (2022)

[2] Ward EN, Hecker L, Christensen CN, Lamb JR, Lu M, Mascheroni L, Chung CE, Wang A, Rowlands CJ, Kaminski Schierle GS, Kaminski CF. "MAI-SIM: interferometric multicolor structured illumination microscopy for everybody" arXiv:2206.00532v1 (2022)

[3] Christensen CN, Ward EN, Lu M, Lio P and Kaminski CF, "ML-SIM: universal reconstruction of structured illumination microscopy images using transfer learning" Biomed. Opt. Express 12, 2720-2733 (2021)

[4] Mascheroni L, Scherer KM, Manton JD, Ward EN, Dibben O, Kaminski CF. "Combining sample expansion and light sheet microscopy for the volumetric imaging of virus-infected cells with super-resolution" Biomed. Opt. Express 11, 5032-5044 (2020)

[5] Ward EN,Torkelsen FH. and Pal R. "Enhancing multi-spot structured illumination microscopy with fluorescence difference" R. Soc. open sci.5171336171336 (2018)

[6] Christensen CN, Lu M, Ward EN, Lio P, Kaminski CF. "Spatio-temporal Vision Transformer for Super-resolution Microscopy" arXiv:2203.00030 (2022)

[7] Jarrin M, Kalligeraki AA, Uwineza A, Cawood CS, Brown AP, Ward EN, Le K, Freitag-Pohl S, Pohl E, Kiss B, Tapodi A, Quinlan RA. "Independent Membrane Binding Properties of the Caspase Generated Fragments of the Beaded Filament Structural Protein 1 (BFSP1) Involves an Amphipathic Helix" Cells. 12(12):1580 (2023)


Head of Imaging
Laser Analytics Group
Dr Edward  Ward

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