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Career Summary

  • 1995 D.Phil., Physics, University of Oxford
  • 2000 Associate Professor in Engineering Physics, Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden
  • 2001 Lecturer, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, University of Cambridge
  • 2008 Guest Professor, SAOT School of Advanced Optical Technologies, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, Erlangen, Germany.



  • 1992 Legerlotz Foundation Research Prize, Switzerland
  • 1993 Keble College Research Fellowship, Oxford
  • 2004 Cyril Hinshelwood Prize
  • 2004 Gaydon Award
  • 2005 Philip Leverhulme Prize (Engineering)
  • 2008 SAOT research Prize in Optics
  • 2013 Morris Sugden Prize
  • 2014 Elected Fellow of the Optical Society of America 'for pioneering work in the development of optical methods for quantifying the kinetics of reactions in chemical and biological systems'



Key publications: 

Laine R F. Albecka A, van de Linde S, Rees E J, Crump C M, Kaminski C F (2015), "Structural analysis of herpes simplex virus by optical super-resolution imaging." Nature Communications, 6, 5980. pdf summary

Pinotsi D, Büll AK, Galvagnion C, Dobson CM, Kaminski-Schierle GS, Kaminski CF (2013), "Direct Observation of Heterogeneous Amyloid Fibril Growth Kinetics via Two-Color Super-Resolution Microscopy," Nano Letters, 14 (1), 339–345 DOI | pdf |

Pinotsi D, Buell AK, Dobson CM, Kaminski Schierle GS and Kaminski CF (2013), “A label-free, quantitative assay of amyloid fibril growth based on intrinsic fluorescence”, ChemBioChem, 14 (7), 846-850,pdf | summary

Kaminski Schierle GS, Bertoncini CW, Chan FT, van der Goot AT, Schwedler S, Skepper J, Schlachter S, van Ham T, Esposito A, Kumita JR, Nollen EA, Dobson CM, Kaminski CF (2011), “A FRET sensor for non-invasive imaging of amyloid formation in vivo.” Chemphyschem 12(3):673-80 PDF Details

Kaminski Schierle GS, van de Linde S, Erdelyi M, Esbjörner EK, Klein T, Rees E, Bertoncini CW, Dobson CM, Sauer M, Kaminski CF (2011), “In Situ Measurements of the Formation and Morphology of Intracellular β-Amyloid Fibrils by Super-Resolution Fluorescence Imaging.” J Am Chem Soc 133(33):12902-12905 PDF Details

Elder AD, Domin A, Kaminski Schierle GS, Lindon C, Pines J, Esposito A, Kaminski CF (2009), “A quantitative protocol for dynamic measurements of protein interactions by FRET-sensitized fluorescence emission” J. Roy. Soc. Interface 6,59-81 PDF

Kiwanuka SS, Laurila T, Kaminski CF (2010), “Sensitive method for the kinetic measurement of trace species in liquids using cavity enhanced absorption spectroscopy with broad bandwidth supercontinuum radiation.” Anal Chem 82(17):7498-501

Professor of Chemical Physics
Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology,
University of Cambridge
Head of Laser Analytics Group
Director of EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Sensor Technologies & Applications
Director of CamBridgeSens
Professor Clemens  Kaminski
Not available for consultancy


Person keywords: 
Optical sensing
Cell Biology