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Multichannel FLIM-FRET

The Matlab code “MC_FLIM_FRET” is for the Multichannel FLIM-FRET analysis. Please refer to the paper “A Method to Quantify FRET Stoichiometry with Phasor Plot Analysis and Acceptor Lifetime Ingrowth” (doi:10.1016/j.bpj.2015.01.012). The Matlab function for importing Becker and Hickl FLIM data (.sdt file) quoted in this code is written by Sean Warren.

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Laser Analytics Group members attend ICON 2018!

Mar 07, 2018

8 members of the Laser Analytics, Molecular Neuroscience, and Quantitative Imaging groups attended the 2nd International Conference on Nanoscopy (ICON). Florian Stroehl and Dr. Katharina Scherer presented posters of their most recent research in structured illumination microscopy and expansion microscopy (respectively), and Marcus Fantham presented a talk on his online first person volumetric data viewer.

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